Fully Branded E-Comm Websites

For over 5 years we have been continually developing our website driving machine, and are incredibly close to having a vertically integrated system from consumer to retailer to distributor to manufacturer. By aligning with the directors of the SDC, we have championed web/market ready data and almost every WebInjected client has (or is very close to) ACES & PIES standardization.

Our proprietary ecommerce engine SiteInjected features

  • ACES & PIES driven ecomm product inventory database
  • Website content management system for website managers (CMS)
  • Consumer relationship management database for sales staff (CRM)
  • Online marketing engine designed specifically for aftermarket automotive marketing managers
  • Business intelligence repository that assists owners, directors, and executives make confident decisions.
  • Adaptive SaaS platform (Microsoft CRM 2013). This provides WebInjected the flexibility to configure and customize SiteInjected for each specific client
  • Continuously updated, upgraded, and improved each development cycle.

How Dropship Automation Works

This technology allows you to sell products without ever having to source, warehouse, or ship them yourself.

dropship infograph

Responsive Design

Mobile access is the fastest growing method of accessing the web and conducting online shopping. While most customers initially scope a site on a smart devices and make purchases on a desktop, our sites retain their good looks and functionality even optimized on the small screen!

responsive design

Advanced Filters

Easily find the products that fit your vehicle. Further filters allow customers to narrow their search with precision.

advanced filters

Geolocation Detection

Our sites automatically adjust currency depending on their location. Allows specific demographics to receive special offers.

geolocation detection

Account + Tracking

Customers have access to information about their orders and profile information.

account tracking

Custom Widgets

Add a touch of interactivity with our custom widgets: product selectors, social media plugins, video playlists, galleries, interactive diagrams, error code troubleshooters. We can develop custom tools to inform, entertain, and impress your customers.

custom widget 01 custom widget 02 custom widget 03